A Murder of Storytellers

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

For our purposes, these are what the various word counts mean:

  • Flash Fiction - Up to 1,000 words
  • Short Story - 1,000-10,000 words
  • Novellete - 10,000-20,000 words
  • Novella - 20,000-40,000 words
  • Novel - Over 40,000 words
  • Anthology - A collection of works totaling at least 50,000 words 


This is a very good guide if you have any questions. You can't really go wrong with it.You can't really go wrong with it. But, if you don't feel like reading that, here's the down and dirty of it.

  • Italicize italics. Do not underline
  • Don't use spaces to lead paragraphs. Use tab or, even better, the formatting options to get the indent.
  • For scene breaks, use either "#" or "***".
  • Use an easy to read font, like Arial or Times New Roman in a reasonable size (about 12 point).
  • Double space your work.


We accept reprints as long as you currently hold the rights to the piece. Please let us know where it has been printed before.

Simultaneous/Multiple Submissions

We would prefer not deal with either of these, honestly. It's pretty heartbreaking to fall in love with a piece only to have the author pull it because it was accepted elsewhere. Nothing lets us know that we're the second choice quite like that. However, we also know that, as writers, your job is to get published. So, we understand that this is necessary and will not fault you for it.

As for multiple submissions, it's really better if you send us pieces one at a time. 


Please make sure to include a synopsis of the piece in your cover letter. If you're not sure how to do that, here's a good collection of articles to learn from. Yes, even for flash pieces and poetry. It just helps us out. Don't stress about it too much, it can be as little as a sentence or two telling us what the piece is about. 

Aside from that, just be yourself. Tell us anything you think we should know about you or your work. What inspired you to write this? How did you find us? What's your favorite part about this work? Who inspires you? 

A Murder of Storytellers